Licence agreement

Granting a licence with regard to a patent, a trademark or know-how allows the licensor to collect royalties. Regarding the licensee, it may develop and sell products based on the invention or know-how, or products protected by a trademark or a copyright, without any risk of infringement litigations from the owner of the patent.

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Assignment agreement

The patentee may assign the exclusive right of exploitation given by the patent to a third party, generally in return for payment. The patent assignment agreement shall be evidenced in writing and be registered before national and/or regional patent offices in order to be enforceable against third parties.

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Co-ownership agreement

Joint researches often result with the creation of industrial property, which ownership is shared between the different researchers according to the provisions of the research agreement.

It is often necessary to fully negotiate the provisions of a co-ownership agreement with regard to a patent or patent application.

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