The patent protects an invention, i.e. generally a technical solution to a technical problem.

We are in charge of an important patent portfolio including granted French and European patents.

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Know-how means a package of practical information, resulting from experience and testing, which is (i) secret, that is to say, not generally known or easily accessible, (ii) substantial, that is to say, significant and useful for the production of the contract products, and (iii) identified, that is to say, described in a sufficiently comprehensive manner so as to make it possible to teach it to a third party.

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The trademark protects your designated goods and services and distinguishes them from the goods and services of your competitors.

We are in charge of an important trademark portfolio including French trademarks, Community trademarks and international trademarks. We have all the necessary experience and expertise to provide you guidance in your trademark strategy, your trademark application or more generally in every acts and events that occur during the life of your trademark.

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Copyright protects an intellectual work. The author or its right-holders benefits from a right of exclusive exploitation of its intellectual work as of the date of creation of such intellectual work and until seventy years after the death of the author.

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