Licence agreement

Granting a licence with regard to a patent, a trademark or know-how allows the licensor to collect royalties. Regarding the licensee, it may develop and sell products based on the invention or know-how, or products protected by a trademark or a copyright, without any risk of infringement litigations from the owner of the patent.

Licence agreements are often included in a contractual chain. Licence agreements demand careful negotiation and drafting. Audits are generally performed with regard to the licensed property rights before the conclusion of such licence agreements.

We have a solid experience in negotiating and drafting licence agreements for our clients, which may be licensors or licensees, between private corporations or between private and public corporations (universities, public health institution…) with regard to all intellectual property rights. As such, we are fully aware of the expectations and of the abilities to negotiate of the different counterparts, helping to ensure we will protect your interests in every way possible, particularly with regard to the financial conditions of the licenses (royalty rate, milestones), the depth of the licensed rights or the respective responsibilities of the parties.