The patent protects an invention, i.e. generally a technical solution to a technical problem.

We are in charge of an important patent portfolio including granted French and European patents.

We may provide you guidance in your patenting strategy.

We may also take care of the drafting of the patent, of its application and of the follow-up of the oral and written proceedings before the French Office and the European Office. We intervene in any other country via our network of local correspondents.

Maître Luc BARNY is a registered Attorney to the Register of the European Patent Office.

Patenting strategy

Applying for a patent is often pursued as a commercial strategy, the applicant seeking to obtain or keep its technological leadership, or to benefit from its research investment thanks to the exclusive right of exploitation given by the patent.

We bring you our expertise to sharpen you patent strategy and to contain patent costs.

Patent application

We assist you throughout the entire procedure of patent registration before the French patent office (« Institut National de la Propriété Industrielle ») or the European Patent Office.

As a registered Attorney to the Register of the European Patent Office and as a former Conseil en Propriété Industrielle (patent attorney), Maître Luc BARNY has all the necessary experience and expertise to perform a study of the prior art, to help you draft your patent application and to reply to the office’s search report.

Obtaining and defending the patent

We will continue to bring you our counsel and assistance after the delivery of the patent and during all the period of its validity.

Thus, we can carry out in particular:

  • The management of the patent annuity payments thanks to our preferred partners
  • The patent litigation, for instance infringement proceedings
  • The negotiation and drafting of patent licence agreements, patent assignment agreements, co-ownership agreements or more generally every agreement concerning your patent
  • The registration of agreements which affect the ownership or use of the patent.